Artist Amenities Director Position Description

The primary job of the Artist Amenities Director is to obtain and provide amenities to the artist(s) at the Student Programs and at the evening concerts as required by the artist(s) contracts and technical riders. This can vary from just providing bottled water, snacks, fruit, coffee, tea, and sandwiches, to arranging for a full meal to be provided backstage or at a local restaurant, whatever is specified by and agreed to by the artist(s) and the IWVCA in their signed contract and technical riders. Paid invoices for purchased amenities would be submitted by the Artist Amenities Director to the IWVCA Treasurer for reimbursement. As Artist Amenities Director, providing amenities for 5 to 6 concerts a year plus a small amount of amenities for the Student Education Outreach Programs really doesn't take up a lot of time or effort.

If the Artist Amenities Director is unable to fulfill this amenities function due to some emergency, he or she must make all appropriate arrangements to assure that the duties are performed by someone else. Providing amenities for the artist(s) is an important and vital part of the contractual agreement between the artist(s) and the IWVCA, and failure to provide such amenities when and as required could be deemed to be breach of contract on the part of the IWVCA, something we would never want to do.

Stage Manager/Artist Selection Coordinator Position Description

The Stage Manager/Artist Selection Coordinator helps direct the student and volunteer helpers in setting up the stage, the props, and any other staging requirements such as helping find particular props required by the artists for a particular concert.

The Technical Rider for each concert tells the specifics of the staging set-up and the requirements of the artists with regard to props, lighting and sound reinforcement including specific items/types of equipment required, and stage plots showing how the stage should be arranged. The stage manager works with the BHS Student Coordinator and the IWVCA lighting and sound reinforcement people to assure that the technical riders are complied with to the best of our limited abilities given the restrictions of our venue.

The Artist Selection Coordinator duties include monitoring the IWVCA Hot Mail E-mail account, contacting artists' representation agencies and obtaining pricing, touring, sample CD/DVDs, and publicity information. This data is then arranged into retrievable order, usually by categories and then alphabetically, and presented to the Board of Directors at their artist review and selection meetings for consideration for the upcoming season. The Artist Selection Coordinator does not have the responsibility of making the selections; he or she just gathers and coordinates the artist information, organizes it, stores it, and presents it for review by the entire Board of Directors to facilitate the Board's selection of candidates for the following season. The Board then approved a slate of artists and authorizes the IWVCA Business Manager to open negotiations with the selected artists' representatives.

President Position Description

The President presides at all meetings, calls special meetings, makes special committee appointments as required, and currently processes the credit card season ticket purchases.

The President leads Board meeting discussions, makes sure that "Roberts Rules of Order" are followed and meetings are carried out in an orderly, timely fashion, and Keeps discussions on topic and reasonably brief and concise. Meeting are Called to Order and Adjourned by the President. The President calls for votes on Motions, and votes as tie breaker in case of a tie vote.

The President appoints the members of committees such as the nominating committee, the Audit Committee, and other review/planning committees as required. He/she gives direction to these committees as to their specific duties, methods, reporting requirements, and operational deadlines. Each committee chooses their own Chairperson, and operates within their own schedule while assuring that they complete their assigned duties within the time frame set by the President.

In recent years, the President has taken on the task of receiving and processing all credit card Season Ticket purchases. He/she makes arrangements with the designated bank to get, operate, and return a credit card processing machine, processes all the credit card purchases, assures that all copies and reports are make to the purchaser, the bank, the Treasurer, the Business Manager, and the Membership Manager. As credit cards are being used more and more as currency, this portion of the position is very important to the financial operations of the IWVCA.

The President has also assumed the duties of assigning/reassigning reserved seat assignments for the IWVCA. These duties assure that members are given the seats they request when at all possible, and that the payments for said seats are at the correct rates, general or reduced, for the Area(s) assigned.

Donations by credit card are also processed by the President in he/her capacity of Processor of all credit card transactions. Cash, Check, or Pay Pal payments are processed separately, but seat assignments are still handled by the President.

The President keeps specific, detailed records of all transactions, and assures that all funds are properly accounted for to the Treasurer and other Board individuals.

Secretary Position Description

The Secretary takes detailed notes at each business meeting, types them up, and disseminates them to the all the Board members, present or absent, and other attendees via e-mail, or, by hard copy or fax if the member doesn't have e-mail capability.

The Secretary assures that all official business discussed by the Board is written up in sufficient detail that absent Board members or other interested parties can tell what was under discussions, topics covered, and actions taken, including exact wording of all Motions and votes on same.

At Artist Review/Selection meetings, the Secretary records which artists were reviewed, whether by CD or DVD or just publicity information, and the consensus of the Board on acceptability/desirability of each artist. What a slate of proposed artists is made, and a Motion is made and Seconded to authorize the Business Manager to open negotiations with them, this information is included in the minutes.

The Secretary does not have to take minutes at meetings such as envelope stuffing parties for preparing ballots or season tickets or flyers for mailing, unless other business is officially discussed and acted upon at such meetings.

Marketing Manager Position Description

The Marketing Manager applies for Grants and Donations, prepares and submits the applications on-line or by mail or fax, including all attachments, receives the acceptances or rejections, an submits the required final reports with such attachments as are required to assure the grant giver of compliance with all requirements they place on the recipients of their grants.

This position also plans for and coordinates the participation of the IWVCA in such community activities as the Annual Ridgecrest Community Dinner, the United Way Family Fun Fair, Maturango Junction Days, and any fund-raising activities undertaken by the IWVCA to raise funds for the Association. Frequently, the duties of this position include attendance at meetings and seminars, in and out-of-town, in the furtherance of the activities of the IWVCA.

Many of the above-cited duties of the Marketing Manager come under quite strict time schedule restraints, and must be completed by unchangeable deadlines, or the applications are rejected out-of-hand. They also must be totally complete, all questions answered, and all required documents provided in the formats required by the grant providers, or the applications are rejected. Computer capability in MS Word, Excel, the Internet, and/or other similar programs is a necessity for this position. Management of the IWVCA Hot Mail e-mail site, Web Master of the IWVCA Web Site, assisting the secretary and treasurer and other Board of Directors members as required, and performing other duties as needed also fall on this position.

All Board of Directors functions could also include such duties as assisting backstage with stage management or assisting front-of-house with such duties as inserting notes and flyers inside the programs, putting UNRESERVED stickers on seats that will be unused for a particular concert and removing them after the concert, helping with box office duties, or assisting with CD/DVD sales before/after the concert and/or at Intermission.

All Board of Directors members are expected to participate in any and all activities of the Board, including but not limited to attending meetings, helping select artists for future seasons, assisting with student programs and/or evening performances as needed, and helping with outside activities such as the booths at the United Way Family Fun Fair, the Ridgecrest Annual Community Dinner, and participating in any other fund-raising or other activities sponsored by or participated in by the IWVCA. The Board usually meets once a month (additional meetings are held during artist selection starting in Feb. and running to May or sooner). Meetings are during the day, usually starting around 1:00 pm, and generally last an hour or two.

There are only six concerts a season to work with, plus 4 or 5 other activities the IWVCA participates in, so working in any of these positions and assisting with other concert duties is not as daunting as it sounds.

Unless these positions on the Board of Directors are filled by this June 2011, the IWVCA will be running with only half of a Board existing, and the Future of the entire Association will be in jeopardy!!!

PLEASE volunteer for one of these vital positions - WE NEED DEDICATED VOLUNTEERS - and that means YOU!!!!!!!!!!!

These positions, while vital, really are not difficult, and the entire Board stands ready, willing and able to assist you. To Volunteer, please call our President, Alice Martin, at 760-375-8223, or the Concert Line at 760-375-5600, or send an e-mail to Be sure to leave your name, phone numbers, home and cell, e-mail address, and the name of the position(s) you are interested in. PLEASE volunteer for this vital positions - WE NEED DEDICATED VOLUNTEERS - and that means YOU!!!!!!!!!!!

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