IWVCA Annual Members Meeting held 17 June 2010

On 17 June 2010, the Annual Members Meeting of the IWVCA was held at El Charro Avitia Restaurant. The meeting was well attended and very informative.

Entertainment was provided by: Janelle Johnson on French Horn, Kyle DeRuiter on Alto Saxophone, and Sarah Askew on Trombone. Also, for a special treat, we had three singers: Landi Dejong, Emily Van Meter, and Charity Dejong. Everyone enjoyed the players and singers - the selections were lively, fun, and professionally done. Hats off to our young people for presenting such a great program!

Attendees enjoyed their dinners, entertainment, and meeting:

In addition to the Annual Reports of the various Board of Directors Members and Officers, the results of the elections for Board of Directors members was announced, and the following were reelected to the Board of Directors:

Mickie Edge-OBergfell, Vice President and Artist Amenities (for the last year of the former incumbent's two year term. She'll come up for reelection again next year for a full two-year term.)

Nita Smith, Treasurer, two-year term.

L. Ann Norris, Student Education Coordinator, two-year term.

Jim McRea, Contributions Chairman, two-year term.

Phillip Miezala was elected by write-in votes as a new member on the Board as Stage Manager/Artist Selection Coordinator.

At the Board of Directors meeting held immediately after the Annual Meeting, Phillip Miezala was appointed and accepted the position of Stage Manager/Artist Selection Coordinator. All other incumbent Board members accepted appointments to retain their existing positions.

All Board of Directors Members and IWVCA Staff members completed and signed the required Conflict of Interest forms and gave them to the President. They will be kept in a Conflict of Interest file by the Secretary.

There still exists one remaining vacancy on the Board, and the President is contacting other individuals who received write-in votes to see if any would be willing to accept a position on the Board and serve as Publicity Director. At this time, though, this position remains vacant.

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