E N D 0 R S E D


In the office of the Secretary of State

of the State of California

OCT. 29, 1952
FRANK M. JORDAN, Secretary of State
By C. Oscar Johnson, Deputy

Corporate No. 267077




Ridgecrest, California

(As amended through May 1, 1975)


The name of this corporation is: INDIAN WELLS VALLEY CONCERT ASSOCIATION.


The purposes for which this corporation is formed are:

(a) To promote exclusively through education the general and cultural welfare of the members and to improve by any and all lawful and honorable means their status and condition.

(b) To increase the social culture of the members by contributing to their education and esthetic appreciation.

(c) To accomplish the aims set forth in sub-paragraphs (a) and (b) by the regular and frequent presentations of cultural concerts; to charge admission prices for the privilege of viewing such concerts, the proceeds of which shall be disposed of in the following manner:

1. Defraying all expenses of operation pursuant to the stated purposes of the corporation;

2. Profits, if any, may be used only to finance future concerts;

3. No profits whatsoever shall accrue to any member of the Association, its officers, or its Board of Directors.

(d) To establish committees charged with the responsibility of supplying services and various functions incident to the presentation of the cultural programs.

(e) To gather, receive, and disseminate such information as may be helpful to the members; and to interchange ideas rendering mutual assistance in connection with the problems of program planning and presentation.

(f) To publish and circulate publications of a nature pertinent to the promotion of the aims of the corporation.

(g)To serve as a cultural and educational medium within the community.

(h) To generally do any act and transact any business in connection with the said purposes and powers which a co-partner or natural person could do or exercise, and which now or hereafter may be authorized by law to a non-profit corporation.


The corporation does not permit the distribution of gain, profits, or dividends to the members thereof, and is organized pursuant to Part 1 of Division 2 of Title 1 of the Corporation Code of the State of California. In the event of dissolution of the Corporation, the assets shall be distributed to educational organizations in California that qualify for exemption from Federal Income Tax under Section 50l(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1954.


The principal office for the transaction of business of this corporation is to be located in the County of Kern, State of California.


There shall be six (6) directors, unless and until their number is changed by by-law adopted by the members, or by amendment to the Articles of Incorporation adopted by the vote or written consent of the members, but in the event of-such change in the number of directors, their number shall not be less than three (3). The names and addresses of the persons who are appointed to act as the first directors are as follows:

1. Mr. K. H. Robinson, 3 Sage Place, China Lake, California.

2. Mr. W. N. Stark, 69-B Rodman, China Lake, California.

3. Mrs. D. T. MCAllister, 206-B Byrnes, China Lake, California.

4. Miss C. Isabelle Hartman, 800-B Richmond, China Lake, California.

5. LCDR W. R. Pool, 700-B Essex, China Lake, California.

6. Mr. Paul Peach, l04-B Forresta1, China Lake, California.


The authorized number and qualifications of the members of this corporation, voting and other rights and privileges of the membership, and the liability of each member to dues or assessments, and the method of collection thereof, are to be set forth in the by-laws.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, for the purposes of forming this corporation under the laws of the State of California, we, the undersigned, constituting the six (6) incorporators of the corporation, and the persons named herein above as the first directors of the corporation, have executed these Articles in Incorporation this 12th day of September. 1952.

Mr. K. H. Robinson, 3 Sage Place, China Lake, California.

Mr. W. N. Stark, 69-B Rodman, China Lake, California.

Mrs. D. T. McAllister, 206-B Byrnes, China Lake, California.

Miss C. Isabelle Hartman, 800-B Richmond, China Lake, California.

LCDR W. R. Pool, 700-B Essex, China Lake, California.

Mr. Paul Peach, l04-B Forrestal, China Lake, California.

/s/ K. R. Robinson______________________________________________________________

/s/ W. N. Stark_________________________________________________________________

/s/ Mrs. D. T. McAllister_______________________________________________________

/s/ Paul Peach__________________________________________________________________

/s/ C. Isabelle Hartman_________________________________________________________

/s/ W. R. Pool__________________________________________________________________

) ss

On this 12th day of September,1952, before me, the undersigned Notary Public in and for the County of Kern, State of California, residing therein, personally appeared Mr. K. H. Robinson, Mrs. W. N. Stark, Mrs. D. T. McAllister, Miss C. Isabelle Hartman, LCDR W. R. Pool, and Mr. Paul Peach, known to me to be the persons named as directors in the within instrument, and whose names are subscribed and set out above, and severally acknowledged to me that they executed the same.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand this 12th day of September 1952.

/s/ Ottillie M. Mayberry

Notary Public in and for the County of Kern,

State of California.

My commission expires August 19, 1956.

/s/ K. H. Robinson__________________________________

/5/ W. N. Stark_____________________________________

/s/ Mrs. D. T. McAllister___________________________

/5/ Paul Peach______________________________________

/s/ C. Isabelle Hartman_____________________________

/s/ W. R. Pool______________________________________



The By-Laws and Articles of Incorporation were adopted 12 September 1952 and submitted to the California Secretary of State 6 October 1952. Incorporation was granted 29 October 1952. Only the Articles of Incorporation (and not the By-Laws) were retained for filing by the California Secretary of State and by the Kern County Clerk. The By-Laws have been amended seven times and the Articles of Incorporation three times during the period from incorporation through 1976. Only the current wording is shown here and in the accompanying copy of the ByLaws (prepared June 1977).

Amendments to the Articles of Incorporation (and thus for items appearing in both the By-Laws and the Articles of Incorporation) are subject to procedures set by the State of California, aside from the requirements specified in Article XI of the By-Laws. Generally, a proposed amendment must be adopted by the Board of Directors and approved by two-thirds of a quorum of the membership; consent by mail may also be obtained.

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