The IWVCA needs your support and welcomes your donations to both the Local Presentation Support Fund and the Student Education Fund. Now, if you use Internet Explorer or Netscape Versions 6.1 or 6.2, donations can be made through PayPal, a very secure way to handle all kinds of payments. See the bottom of this page for other ways to make these all-important donations. Your IWVCA NEEDS your active support!!!!!


To make a donation to the Local Presentation Support Fund, just click on the Make Donation button below - it couldn't be easier!! Your donation will help your IWVCA bring wonderful concert artists to the community - and it's TAX DEDUCTIBLE, too!! Thank you so much for supporting your IWVCA.

Local Presentation Support Fund


To make a donation to the Student Education Fund, just click on the Make Donation button below. Your donation will allow the IWVCA to bring more student education concerts to more students in the Indian Wells Valley and surrounding areas. Music, dance, the arts - these enrich and enhance children's lives and have a lifelong effect on their futures. Thanks to your donation, the IWVCA may reach more students and bring cultural enrichment to their lives and futures. And, remember, your donation is TAX DEDUCTABLE!

Student Education Fund

Donations may also continue to be made to both funds by check or credit card when purchasing your season tickets, or by separate submission to IWVCA, PO Box 1802, Ridgecrest, CA 93556.

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