Click on the Map to see a detailed Map and Directions to our venue, Parker Performing Arts Center (PPAC), Burroughs High School, 500 French Street, Ridgecrest, CA 93555

The venue, the Parker Performing Arts Center,Burroughs High School, is further up and to the right of the Purple Marker position shown on the map. Once you are on East French Street, go straight ahead through the stop light at E. Drummond Avenue. You are then on school property. The first parking lot is to your right just as you get to the buildings. Go straight ahead until you see the Parker Performing Arts Center, the fourth permanent building on your right, East of the temporary buildings just before the right turn curve in the road. After you go around the right curve in the road, there is a second parking lot on your right.

Follow the pictures below, left to right, row by row, to get an idea of the school campus layout that you will see as you drive the school road.

Sherman R. Burroughs Sign at
corner of French St., and E. Drummond Ave.
Ridgecrest, CA.

BHS Sign on corner, close up.

BHS Established in 1944.

First view from 1st parking lot.

View moving North across 1st parking lot.

Moving on North across 1st parking lot toward PPAC building.

Back of PPAC building.

Right side front of PPAC building with box office.

Entrance Doors to PPAC building.

Parker Performing Arts Center Plaque.

Box Office

Box Office & looking toward 2nd parking lot.

View from PPAC building back South toward 1st parking lot.

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