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Want to be a part of one of the best and greatest opportunities around your community??? Want to enjoy 6 nights of fabulous entertainment - music, dancing, drama - all at a very reasonable price and right here in your own backyard??? Want to help bring terrific cultural and educational programs to all the students in the Indian Wells Valley and surrounding communities for just pennies??? Then the Indian Wells Valley Concert Association is the place for you and your family!!!!!

Good music and great entertainment is deeply soul-touching and enduring. It is a necessary part of a mature culture, and without it life is incomplete. Membership in the IWVCA helps fulfill this basic need. You and your family have the opportunity to attend a top-quality, well-rounded series of programs - featuring leading exponents of the performing arts - on our local stage and at a modest cost.

Renewal Order documents for Season Ticket Renewals for the Upcoming Season have been mailed to the existing membership.

Now that you have received your Season Renewal Paperwork from the IWVCA, to renew your existing Season Tickets for the New Season, please go to the Season Renewal Page.
The Season Renewal Page page tells you how to renew in all of the regular ways, PLUS you can discover how to renew using the PAY PAL Process --- you do NOT have to have a Pay Pal Account to pay for your Season Tickets or make Donations via Pay Pal !

There are several Ticket Package options for this season; please carefully review the renewal material you received in the mail.

Single-event ticket prices for each performance can be found on the Season Schedule Page.


If you are not already a member of the IWVCA and would like to join for this upcoming season, please call the Concert Line at 760-375-5600 and leave your name, phone number, and how many tickets you want. Please include any other pertinent information, such as if any one in your party is handicapped and needs any special accommodations such as an aisle seat. You may also send us an e-mail to Member renewals and seat change requests for existing members will be handled until mid-September, with seat assignments for new members processed thereafter.

Seats for new members will be assigned on a first-come, first-served basis. PLACE YOUR RESERVATION NOW TO AVOID DISAPPOINTMENT.   Payment will not be required until seating is assigned.

Support the Arts: Become a member of the IWVCA!

Membership in the IWVCA gives you the Best Value for your money; offers Something for Everyone; and provides Wonderful and Exciting Entertainment for the Whole Family!!! Join the IWVCA with your friends and neighbors and enjoy six evenings of concerts that will hold you spell-bound from start to finish, and have you shouting for more!!

This season, more than any other, your IWVCA needs new members to join our association. Due to a lot of different factors, our membership is significantly down from previous years. Also, we need to increase the number of younger members - youth through 60 years. Sad to say, our membership has been heading toward an older demographic of late, and, while we want and need our faithful members, as an organization, we need to increase that demographic to include a larger proportion of younger members if our Association is to be able to continue supporting our Community with fun, vibrant, entertaining artists for many years to come. Please help us and encourage your family, friends, and co-workers of all ages to join the IWVCA TODAY!!!

Please help us GROW the IWVCA so that we may continue to serve the Indian Wells Valley Communities with great music, dance, and drama to entertain, educate, and enhance the cultural environment of all our residents.

Have Season Tickets but can't attend a particular concert???

You may LEND your season tickets to other persons. We do not like to have unused seats! However, be sure the temporary user understands the season tickets are to be returned to you, as they are good for the entire season.

Or, you may phone us before the concert to release your seats for resale. Please call 760-375-5600 (the Concert Line) or e-mail the IWVCA at as soon as you know you won't be attending a particular concert and release your seats for that particular concert. Please try to do this several days ahead of the concert or at least BEFORE 1 pm on the day of the concert. If calling, please leave your message on the voice mail. You may press # at any time during the (usually long) outgoing announcement to immediately leave a message after the tone. If you request it, your IWVCA will happily send you a tax receipt for a tax-deductible contribution equal to the value of the seat(s) released for the one concert.

By releasing your unused seats well beforehand, you help us to judge how many seats will be available for single-event ticket sales.

Thank you in advance for being thoughtful and assuring that the IWVCA can accommodate seating for additional patrons when you can't attend a concert.

Tax-Deductible Contributions

Please note that ordinarily the costs of season subscriptions and single-event tickets are not tax-deductible. The IRS views the privilege of attending concerts as having tangible market value, whether or not the privilege is exercised. Thus, unless this privilege is relinquished - by notifying us in advance that your seats are available for resale, as described above - no tax deduction is allowed.

However, all contributions, apart from the cost of subscriptions and tickets, are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.   Contributions to the Local Presentation Support Fund, the Student Education Fund, or the DART Grant are fully tax-deductible.


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