Adopted by the IWVCA Board of Directors on December 9, 1982


1. Designation of Voting Members. Each purchaser of one or more season subscriptions may designate person(s) to be voting members as follows:

a. When the subscriptions are to be held by individuals, as many individuals may be named as are expected to be holders or regular users of the season tickets, with the number of individuals named not to exceed the number of subscriptions purchased by the purchaser.

b. When the subscriptions are to be held by an organization or business, said entity shall designate one individual (by name or unambiguous title) for the purpose of exercising that entity's voting power as a voting member.

2. Age Requirement. To be a voting member, or to exercise the voting power of a subscribing organization or business, an individual must have attained the age of 14 years. A season subscription may, if desired, be entered in the name of a younger individual, but any such person shall be regarded as a nonmember subscriber without voting power.

3. Voting Power. Each voting member may exercise one vote in the election of directors and in any other business transacted by the Association. When balloting is conducted by mail or messenger, the ballots sent to and received from a single destination may be consolidated in one envelope, with the number of ballots sent equal to the number of voting members recorded at that address.

4. Limitation. No person may hold more than one membership.*

5. Resignation. A voting member may resign at any time from voting membership in the Association; * such action need not be accompanied by surrender or transfer of season subscription(s) held by the member, but may be.

6. Death or Dissolution. Voting rights cease upon the death or (in the case of an organization 0r business) dissolution of a member.* However, in such case the Board may subsequently designate a successor as provided below.

7. Transfer. A season subscription may be transferred to another person during its term with the consent of the holder of said subscription as listed in the association's records, or in the case of the death or dissolution of a subscriber, with the approval of the Board. In the absence of contrary instructions from the prior subscription holder, the person to whom the subscription is transferred also receives voting rights according to the same terms that apply to an original purchaser. A voting membership may not be transferred for value. *

8. Records.

a. The Association shall maintain a list of names and mailing addresses of all current (i) voting members, also known as member subscribers or members; (ii) nonmember subscribers, defined as holders of purchased season subscriptions who do not qualify as, or do not wish to be, voting members, but who wish to be listed in the records; and (iii) recipients of complimentary season tickets.

b. Categories (i) and (ii) collectively shall be known as "subscribers." The number of season subscriptions sold to subscribers is ordinarily equal to the "number of seats sold for the season"; this number may not be less than, and usually will be greater than, the number of subscribers recorded. Categories (ii) and (iii) collectively may be known as "nonmember season-ticket holders," while categories (i), (ii) and (iii) collectively may be known as "season ticket holders. "

c. The names and addresses of members and any nonmember subscribers furnished at the time of subscription purchase (new or renewal) shall be presumed to be complete and correct for the season, unless and until subsequent notification, or other evidence of change or discrepancy, is received by the Association. *Provisions taken directly from the California Public Benefit Nonprofit Corporation Law.

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