PO Box 1802, Ridgecrest, CA 93556 Tel. (760) 375-5600 Fax (760)375-3330
A California Nonprofit Public Benefit Corporation incorporated under IRC Sec. 501(c)(3)
Providing the northern Mojave Desert with fine performing artists since 1947


1. The following organizational documents of the Indian Wells Valley Concert Association (IWVCA) shall be available for inspection or copying at any time upon request by any member of the public to the IWVCA via call and/or message left on the IWVCA Concert Line, 760-375-5600, request by e-mail to, or via request to any IWVCA Officer or Board of Directors member.

a. Internal Revenue Service Determination Letter determining the Indian Wells Valley Concert Association a nonprofit under IRS Code Section 501 (c) (3).

b. Articles of Incorporation, with Addendums.

c. By-Laws.

d. A public inspection copy of the IWVCAs Federal Return of Organization Exempt from Income Tax Returns (Form 990ez or Form 990 as required), and California Exempt Organization Annual Information Returns (Form 199), for the previous three years (at a minimum). A public inspection of the IRS Form 990ez or Form 990 as required will not include the portion of Schedule A that lists excess contributors, or the names and addresses of contributors listed in Schedule B.

2. A copy of each document cited in paragraph 1 above shall be posted on the IWVCAs Web Site.

3. The IWVCA will make best efforts to ensure that the IRS Forms 990ez (or 990 as required), and CA Form 199 are the most updated versions of same. For example, in the instance where the IRS Form 990ez or (Form 990 as required) has been amended, the amended version of the Form shall be the one available for public inspection and posted on the IWVCA Web Site.

4. When responding to a public inspection request for any organizational document or IRS Form 990ez (or Form 990 as required) by anyone, the IWVCA shall fulfill such request in a timely fashion without inquiring as to the reason for the public inspection request. There will be a charge to the requesting party of $0.25 per page for each such document page provided.

5. The following other documents (most updated versions) will be posted on the IWVCAs Web Site:
a. Most recent copy of the IWVCAs audited financial statements (internal audit only at this time; external audit is not required unless and until annual revenues reach $100,000.00, at which time an external audit will be obtained and posted.)
R b. Agency Description.

c. Mission Statement.

d. Conflict of Interest Policy.

4. This PROCEDURES PUBLIC INSPECTION OF DOCUMENTS document may be amended at any time by written change submitted to the Board of Directors and approved by a simple majority of that Board.

5. This PROCEDURES PUBLIC INSPECTION OF DOCUMENTS document was presented to the IWVCA Board of Directors on 24 May 2010, and was approved by 7 Board Members present.

Signed /s/ Alice E. Martin
Alice E. Martin
Indian Wells Valley Concert Association
Date Approved 24 May 2010
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