Renewal of Existing Memberships for the Upcoming Season

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Renewal of Season Tickets

Renewal packages for existing season ticket holders will be issued by the middle to end of July, and experience suggests these members will claim some 80% of the available seating. Member renewals and seat change requests will be handled until mid to late September, with seat assignments for new members thereafter.

Seats for new members will be assigned on a first-come, first-served basis. PLACE YOUR RESERVATION NOW TO AVOID DISAPPOINTMENT. Payment will not be required until seating is assigned. Click here to learn more about joining the IWVCA as a new member.

Season tickets are sold in Two Pricing Categories and Three Different Seating Areas within each Category. The Pricing Categories are General Rate, and Reduced Rate (applies to over 65, under 21, and active duty military and dependents). Click Here to see Season Ticket rates for General and Reduced Pricing Categories. When renewing your season tickets under any of the payment methods described below, please take into account any changes you might have in Pricing Category based on change in age or military status, and adjust the seat prices accordingly. For any other changes, see information in Requirements below.

Once you have received your Renewal Order form in the mail and completed it, including your e-mail address, you can submit your renewal form and payment in any of the following ways:

a. Payment by CHECK: Complete the form you received in the mail, including your e-mail address, and enclose with the form (but do not staple to it) your check for the full amount owed for your seat(s) plus any donations you wish to make to the Local Presentation Support Fund (LPSF) and the Student Education Fund (SEF). Checks should be made out to IWVCA or IWV Concert Association. Mail the completed form with check to IWVCA, PO Box 1802, Ridgecrest, CA 93556-1802 by the date stated on the form.

b. Payment by VISA, MASTER CARD, or DISCOVER CREDIT CARD (IWVCA can NOT accept American Express at this time via this process. We can accept American Express if you pay using the Pay Pal process described in Subparagraph d below.): Complete the form you received in the mail for your seat(s) renewal, including your e-mail address, plus any donations you wish to make to the LPSF or the SEF, including all the Credit Card information at the bottom of the form, and Mail as described in a. above. All Charge Card orders placed in this manner will be processed during September and October; thus, they will not show up on your charge card billing until then.
c. DEFERRED PAYMENT: To renew existing seat assignment but defer payment to a future date (usually Not Later Than 30 September), complete the form you received in the mail for your seat(s) renewal, including your e-mail address, plus any donations you wish to make to the LPSF or the SEF, and CHECK THE BOX AT THE BOTTOM that states that payment will be sent by the date printed in the Deferred Payment Selection, and mail the completed form as stated in a. above. If you have questions or problems with your deferred payment arrangements, please call the Concert Line at 760-375-5600 and someone will get back to you promptly.
Requirements: Payment Options a, b, and c above may be used to process renewals for the same seats, including making changes in quantity, location, or changes in Pricing Category from General to Reduced Rate(s) or vice versa (e.g., if age changes, or if military status changes). Any other changes, such as changing quantity (adding or deleting seats), changing Areas or locations, or any other changes require special handling, and, although you may process your renewal under a, b, or c above, you must also indicate the changes on your form and leave a message on the Concert Line, 760-375-5600. Someone will call you to discuss these changes and find out if they can be accommodated. If claiming the Family Discount Program or an Other Promo (such as having won a season ticket as a door prize or other Promotional Program), you must use Payment Options a, b, or c above as these transactions also require special handling.
d.Payment Via Pay Pal. You can renew your same seats as stated on your Renewal Order Form via PAY PAL, an Internet On-line Secure Payment Program. If you already have your own Pay Pal Account, just Click this Pay Pal Payment Button, and follow the prompts. If you do not have a Pay Pal account, you can still process your payment via Pay Pal using your Credit Card (VISA, MASTER CARD, AMERICAN EXPRESS, or DISCOVER CARD) or your bank account via your debit card by clicking this Payment Button and following the prompts. Your secure payment will be sent to the IWVCA Pay Pal Account as soon as you complete the Checkout process. Please complete your form, including your e-mail address, and mail it as stated in a. above after you process your payment through Pay Pal.

To purchase General Rate Season Tickets or Reduced Rate Season Tickets via Pay Pal, select the applicable Rate Button and the Area (A, B, or U) your seats are in from the Drop-down Box below and click Add to Cart for one season ticket at the Area price you select. When the shopping Cart screen comes up, increase the quantity to agree with the number of tickets you are paying for at that Area Price. If you have more seats to purchase in different Areas, Click Continue Shopping, select the next Area in which you have seats to purchase, and Click Add to Cart. Continue this process until you have all your seat tickets in your Shopping Cart. Then follow the prompts to Check Out. Be sure to complete the boxes asking for your Purchased Seat Numbers and your Shipping Information.

You CAN change Rate Pricing Category for one or more of your assigned seats. Just click the new correct Area in either General Rate or Reduced Rate, whichever you are changing to, and purchase the changed rate tickets at the New Rate Pricing Category instead of the Rate Pricing Category shown on your Renewal Form. Remember, Reduced Rate applies to over 65, under 21, and active duty military and dependents only. Once you have all your seats accounted for in your Shopping Cart, follow the prompts to proceed to Checkout.

General Prices
Reduced Rate Prices

You can purchase both General Rate and Reduced Rate Season Tickets on the same purchase. Just continue to Click Continue Shopping to return to this page to select another Rate and Area.

Please Note: If you wish to make any changes to your seat assignments (location, number of seats, or other changes), you must follow the instructions in a, b, or c above (also see Requirements above.)
Payment through Pay Pal can only be processed for Renewals for Same Seats listed on your Renewal Order form that you received in the mail (however, you CAN change Pricing Categories from General Rate to Reduced Rate or Reduced Rate to General Rate due to age change or change in military status) plus any donations you wish to make.


You can make Additional Contributions to provide further support for the cultural enrichment of our valley (any amount accepted - TAX DEDUCTIBLE). Your Donation(s) to either or both funds may be made via Pay Pal using your own Pay Pal Account or through Pay Pal without an account using your credit card or debit card. DONATE buttons and Threshold Amounts for Program Listings are given below:

For Donations to the LOCAL PRESENTATION SUPPORT FUND(LPSF): This Fund assists with various local operating expenses, enabling more of the ticket proceeds to be applied directly toward artist fees. Program Listing Thresholds are: $25 minimum for Program Listing as DONOR, $100 minimum for Listing as BENEFACTOR, $500 minimum for Listing as PATRON, and $1,000 minimum for Listing as SUSTAINER.

We make it easy. Pay by Master Card, Visa,
American Express or Discover credit cards or
your bank debit card, or use
your Pay Pal Account.

For Donations to the STUDENT EDUCATION FUND (SEF): This Fund supports free student education programs open to students in grades K through 12th grade, offered in conjunction with the IWVCA concerts when feasible. At least 3 and up to six or more Student Education Programs are planned for each season. Program Listing Thresholds are: $15 minimum for Program Listing as CONTRIBUTOR, $50 minimum for Listing as SUPPORTER, and $250 minimum for Listing as SPONSOR.

We make it easy. Pay by Master Card, Visa,
American Express, or Discover credit cards or
your bank debit card, or use
your Pay Pal Account.

To make DONATIONS to both funds, just make one, then return to this page and make the other one. (Donations made at other times separate from season ticket renewal may be made as discussed on the Donations Page on our website or by coming back to this page and using the DONATE buttons above.) Your secure Donation will be sent to our IWVCA Pay Pal Account as soon as you complete and Submit your Donation.

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