Adopted by the IWVCA Board of Directors April 1983





It shall be a goal of the Indian Wells Valley Concert Association (IWVCA) to provide educational services for local area students in conjunction with regularly scheduled concerts whenever feasible. These services will include school programs, lecture-demonstrations, and workshops as appropriate. This goal is in keeping with the by-laws of the organization which state its purposes to be:

To promote the general and cultural welfare of its members and to improve by any and all lawful and honorable means their status and condition; and to serve as a cultural and recreational medium within the community. The Association is organized and operated exclusively as a nonprofit enterprise for educational objectives.


One member of the IWVCA Board of Directors will be designated as' student Education coordinator (SEC) and will be responsible for carrying out the Student Education Programs (SEP) as approved by the Board. Other members of the Board will provide assistance as required. Additional assistance, especially for concert-day operations, will be sought from volunteer Association members, school personnel, parents, and/or other interested community members. It will be the responsibility of the SEC to elicit such assistance and to ensure that all activities are conducted in accordance with the policies approved by the Board.


The SEP shall be funded largely by donations to the Student Education Fund (SEF). Budgetary experience from previous years will be used to plan the extent of future programs. General IWVCA funds will be used to provide funding balance with the guideline that the SEP budget be limited to approximately 10% of the overall budget and that at least 50% of that amount be from SEF donations. Grants from public and/or private agencies will be sought to supplement local donations. The SEP budget will, in any event, be subject to approval by the Board of Directors. Presentation costs other than direct artists fees such as auditorium rental, busing etc., will be considered part of the SEP and charged to the SEF. Costs of transportation via private vehicle will not be provided from the SEF.


The SEC will maintain close liaison with personnel from the various public and private schools within the Indian Wells Valley. Initially, the SEC will contact the music and/or drama instructors at the beginning of the concert season in order to convey an overview of the programs and to elicit necessary support. The planned program for the season,together with guidelines for logistics and expected student conduct, will-be provided to the principal and secretary of each school. Participation of that school will require, as a minimum, oral approval of the principal for the overall season program. At least 10 school days prior to each scheduled student program, the SEC will provide the specific teachers involved, as well as their principals and school secretaries, sufficiently detailed information to allow for adequate and timely preparation. The information should include seating arrangements, other logistic details as needed, and, if appropriate, descriptive material on the nature of the performance to assist the teachers with student preparation. Most importantly, expected student behavior and the need for adequate adult supervision should be emphasized. Teachers or other school personnel will be responsible for school required materials such as parental permission slips, transportation arrangements, and compliance with school regulations. The SEC will provide a central contact point, maintain unified records to optimize seating and transportation schedules; and oversee concert-day operations (including arrangements for ensuring adequate assistance). It is mandatory that a responsible adult (teacher) accompany and remain with each class during the program. Improper behavior, as defined in the written guidelines, may be cause for removal of an individual or group during the program and/or loss of participation privileges in the future.


The SEC, in consultation with school personnel at the beginning of the season, will attempt to schedule all 4th, 5th, and 6th grade students each year. In addition, instrumental, vocal, drama, etc., students from the junior and senior high schools and elementary grades younger than 4th will be scheduled as appropriate. Because of schedule conflicts, program types, and funding limitations, it may not be possible to include all students within a given season. In this case, students missed will be given priority the following year, with consideration for grade advancement. All students within the Indian Wells Valley will be included in the program without bias as regards public or private schools provided that the individual school administration has approved the overall program during the planning phase. Selection of student category may be influenced by the type of program; i.e., vocal students may be given priority for vocal events, etc. In any event, non-scheduled seating (of limited extent) will be provided for the general public and special requests by groups or individuals will be considered on an individual basis. Reserved seating for adults providing private transportation for students will be scheduled only to the extent that it does not preempt student seating.


"The SEC will report at the annual meeting of the Association, summarizing the programs offered, attendance, and distribution of students according to grade, subject, and school as appropriate.

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