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The Board of Directors is again continuing the Special Promotional Deal for Family Memberships. The idea is to encourage families to join the IWVCA and sign up their children and/or Grandchildren so they can start attending the concerts together as a family. This wonderful deal for the Upcoming Season works as follows:

Special Promotional Deal for Family Memberships:

This offer is good for everyone, whether they were members last season or not. If you buy two (2) adult tickets at the adult published Season Price (Regular Rate or Reduced Rate, but for people OVER 21 years old), you can purchase up to two (2) tickets for persons UNDER 21 Years Old at one half (1/2) the Reduced Rate each. Families can attend together and the younger family members get a chance to enjoy the superb concert opportunities the IWVCA provides without breaking the family pocketbook! This way, you can encourage younger people to attend the concerts and help build the IWVCA membership!!!!

Please please pass the word to everyone you know about this Special Family Promotional Season Ticket Deal for the upcoming Season. This deal is in addition to our already low rates, and is an offer you just can't refuse!!!!!!

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Our Upcoming Season is posted on the Season Schedule Page.

Our Upcoming Season is expected to be one of our best with 6 evening concerts and 6 Student Education Outreach Programs. Join the IWVCA TODAY!!!

What a GREAT Value!!! Season Ticket Holders get the biggest bargain around!!! The Lowest Price in the Valley for Six Terrific concerts!!!

Season Ticket holders enjoy six (6) terrific concerts for less than $16 per concert at the Season Ticket General Rate, and less than $14 per concert at the Season Ticket Reduced Rate. That's approximately one-third off the Single Ticket prices!!! The Student Education Programs offered by the IWVCA are presented free of charge to the attending students. The IWVCA also provides free bussing services to the public school students.

Season Ticket Prices
AREA GENERAL REDUCED (Apply to full-time active-duty military personnel
and their families, and to persons under 21 or over 65.)
Area A $96.00 $82.00
Area B $88.00 $74.00
Area U (formerly Area C) $80.00 $66.00


Season tickets are priced at $96 / $88 / $80 for Areas A, B, and U. Areas A and B continue with reserved seating as before, but Area U (corresponding to the old Area C) is now unreserved. Reduced rates of $82 / $74 / /$66 apply to full-time active-duty military personnel and their families, and to persons under 21 or over 65. These rates are less than $16/concert at the general rate and $14/concert or less at the reduced rate --- for a 6-concert series!!!

Renewal packages will be mailed to last season's members of IWVCA in late July or early August. Member renewals (including seat-change requests) will be handled until late August or early September. Processing of New-member seat assignments will start afterward, though inquiries and prospective orders will be accepted before then. PHONE 760-375-5600, or E-MAIL TO REGISTER INTEREST IN NEW MEMBERSHIPS.

This season, more than any other, your IWVCA needs new members to join our association. Due to a lot of different factors, our membership is significantly down from previous years. Also, we need to increase the number of younger members - youth through 60 years. Sad to say, our membership has been heading toward an older demographic of late, and, while we want and need our faithful members, as an organization, we need to increase that demographic to include a larger proportion of younger members. Please help us and encourage your family, friends, and co-workers of all ages to join the IWVCA TODAY!!! Below you will find our season ticket prices for joining mid-season. Please help us GROW the IWVCA so that we may continue to serve the Indian Wells Valley Communities with great music, dance, and drama to entertain, educate, and enhance the cultural environment of all our residents.


Listed below are Season Ticket Pricing Subscription Rates according to the Number of Concerts Remaining, Rate Category (General G or Reduced R) and Seating Area (A, B, or U.)

6 Concerts (full season)

G (A, B, U): $96, $88, $80 R (A, B, U): $82, $74, $66

5 Concerts

G (A, B, U): $80, $73, $66 R (A, B, U): $68, $62, $55

4 Concerts

G (A, B, U): $65, $61, $53 R (A, B, U): $55, $50, $44

3 Concerts

G (A, B, U): $52, $48, $44 R (A, B, U): $43, $40, $35

2 Concerts

G (A, B, U): $39, $37, $35 R (A, B, U): $34, $32, $30

1 Concert (Single Event)

G (A, B, U): $25, $25, $25 R (A, B, U): $22, $22, $22


Granted ONLY to persons leaving the area AND upon request.

Amount = mid-season rate applying to each seat (i.e., its resale value.)

Turn-in Value of Seats Released for a Concert by Subscriber (for tax-credit purposes only):

G (A, B, U): $16.00, $14.50, $13.08

R (A, B, U): $13.50, $12.50, $11.00

In addition to subscription rates, DONATIONS are still a very important and vital part of the funding process for the IWVCA. Please try to be generous when getting your season tickets, and include donations to the Local Presentation Support fund and/or the Student Education Fund. These donations help to defray our ever-rising expenses and allow us to choose more and varied concert artists for your enjoyment. They also make possible the Student Programs that mean so very much to our public, private, and home-schooled students, Grades Pre-School through 12 and college students in the local area, including Ridgecrest, Inyokern, Trona, Randsburg, and the Indian Wells Valley and surrounding areas. Home-Schooled students in California City are also included. To make Donations, you can go to our Donations Page and give your financial support to your community concert association.

Thank you in advance for being so understanding and for supporting your concert association by renewing your memberships early and remembering us with your generous tax-deductible donations.

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All Single-Event tickets are "Unreserved"
and all concerts are the same price
GENERAL - $25.00
(applies to full-time active-duty military personnel
and their families, and to persons under 21
or over 65

Single Concert Advance Sales Locations

You can buy single concert tickets in advance of the concert at::

Location Address Telephone
Maturango Museum of Indian Wells Valley 100 E. Las Flores Avenue, Ridgecrest, CA 760-375-6900
Red Rock Books 206 W. Ridgecrest Blvd., Ridgecrest, CA 760-375-3454
Jeff's Music Shop 324 W. Ridgecrest Blvd., Ridgecrest, CA 760-371-1140

Single-event tickets (unreserved seats) will be sold on a space-available basis, starting about ten days before each event. Single prices for all concerts will be $25 each (general admission), or $22 each to the reduced-rate categories. For patrons who did not purchase their single-event ticket(s) in advance, the Box Office at the Parker Performing Arts Center, Burroughs High School, will open at 6:30 PM on the night of the concert. Doors open at 7:00 PM, and concerts begin at 7:30 PM.

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